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Minimum Stay Periods: Hungary vs. Portugal

The attached article (below) describes the minimum amount of time a Portuguese residence permit holder must spend in Portugal in order not to lose their visa.

In relation to D7 and D8 visas, a Portuguese lawyer states that "Within the first two-year period, you should not leave Portugal for more than six months in a row or eight months in total."

With Portuguese "Golden Visas", you have to spend an average of seven days per year in Portugal.

In Hungary, the legal situation is very clear: there is no minimum length of stay. You can therefore spend between zero and 365 days a year in Hungary, whichever you prefer. The Hungarian "Golden Visa" is also very favorable in this respect. You save a lot of money on travel costs as you only come when you really want to.

Comparison Portuguese and Hungarian "Golden Visa"-program



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