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Get paid for referring customers

Approach high networth individuals who want a Golden Visa and earn €3 750 - 9 750 per placement.

What is it about?


Globally, individuals and families seeking a safe haven or the freedom of visa-free European travel find Hungary's offering a beacon of hope. Whether motivated by the desire to leave behind challenging circumstances or to embrace the convenience of unrestricted travel, Hungary’s initiative stands out.

Centrally located in Europe, Hungary warmly invites potential investors with a proposition of a 10-year residence permit. This opportunity arises through a singular investment of €250,000 in a government-regulated real estate fund or the acquisition of property valued at a minimum of €500,000. Far from being merely an expenditure, this investment presents a lucrative avenue for income generation, with the flexibility to cash out on the fund shares and reclaim the investment after a minimum of five years. This residence entitlement generously extends to all family members at no extra charge.

What do you have to do?


We warmly invite you to refer affluent individuals to our website. Should they successfully acquire a Hungarian residence permit via our services, we are pleased to offer you a reward up to €5,000, which will be deposited into an account of your choosing.

Please ensure to register any potential clients through the form provided below. It's important to note that your entitlement to the fee is valid exclusively for those applicants you've registered prior to their direct engagement with us.

Who are we?


Bentley Golden Visa Ltd., based in the vibrant heart of Budapest, Hungary, specializes in offering comprehensive administrative support to clients seeking residence permits for themselves and their families. Unlike a real estate fund that requires investment for residency permits, our role is to streamline the permit acquisition process. It's important to note that any investments our clients make are directly with real estate funds, which operate independently and are regulated by the Hungarian National Bank, not through us.

What are we looking for?


We are seeking affluent individuals keen on acquiring residency rights in Hungary (EU, European Union), along with the privilege of visa-free travel throughout the EU.



Below you'll find the contract relevant to your placement activities. Signing this contract is a necessary step to ensure that we can proceed with your compensation in compliance with legal requirements.

Further information


For a detailed exploration of all the advantages and a deeper understanding of how this could pave the way to a secure and thriving future in Europe, our website is a comprehensive resource for prospective investors and their families.


Recommend a potential Golden Visa customer and secure your commission

Unless your referrals contact us, we will not contact them to protect you.

You are only entitled to referral commission if you have pre-registered a customer with us before they contact us themselves.

Remuneration for Distribution Partners.

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