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What you get


In early 2024, the Hungarian government reintroduced its esteemed Golden Visa program, extending an invitation to global investors for an opportunity to secure a long-term residence permit, inclusive of family members. Here is a concise overview of the benefits awaiting you.


Permanent residency in Europe

The residence permit for investors grants the holder and their family members the privilege of living in Hungary or the right to move here at any time. This allows investors to immerse themselves in Hungary's rich quality of life and vibrant culture and gain access to educational and healthcare facilities without the need for a minimum length of stay.


Free movement within EU (Schengen area)

The investor, along with their family members holding a residency permit, are granted the privilege of visa-free travel within the European Union (Schengen area).


Approval typically within 8 weeks

As soon as you have all the required documents ready, we will quickly get your application ready. Apply now!


10 +10 years validity period

The investor residency permit offers a validity of ten years, ensuring extended stability and forward planning for investors. This term may be renewed for an additional ten years, exclusively preserving the original intent.


No minimum stay requirement

To secure a residence permit not even a single appearance is required. You have the flexibility to reside in Hungary according to your preference, without any restrictions on the duration of your stay.


No automatic tax liability in Hungary

You will only be liable for tax if you spend more than 183 days in Hungary in a year.


Applies to the whole family

The residence permit extends to all direct family members (partner, underage children, dependent parents). Please contact us for details.


Access to prime real estate investment in the European Union

You can live in your property yourself or rent it out. We will be happy to manage the property and pass on the income to you.


No wealth, inheritance and real estate taxes

Consider enhancing your investment strategy by diversifying your portfolio beyond your home country's borders, embracing also Hungarian investment opportunities. This approach can provide improved risk management and growth prospects.


Right to found companies and to work

Permit holders are empowered to independently engage in revenue-generating activities or assume leadership roles in companies established with the goal of income production.


Possibility to keep bank accounts

As a resident you can open and use bank accounts in Hungary. You can also trade in securities of all kinds.

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