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Should you wish to secure a Hungarian 10-year residence permit, two avenues of investment stand before you: an allocation of €250,000 in a real estate fund, or a minimum investment of €500,000 in the property of your dreams. The choice is guided by your personal inclinations and the extent of your financial resources.


While Hungarian real estate funds have historically demonstrated remarkable stability, there are investors who prefer the tangible assurance of direct property ownership. 


Upon acquiring a property, you gain the liberty to manage it as you see fit, be it as a rental or as your personal residence. We will manage it professionally on your behalf if required and transfer the proceeds to you on a regular basis.

Investing in funds absolves you of any property acquisition fees. Conversely, purchasing real estate incurs a transfer tax amounting to 4% of the property’s value. Moreover, the valuation of the property must be validated by a certified expert, accompanied by legal fees, given that property transactions in Hungary necessitate the involvement of a lawyer.


Our connections span to the foremost real estate experts, poised to navigate you through the market’s hidden treasures.

Our real estate partners

We present our real estate partners in alphabetical order.

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