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Seeking a residence permit for security
and visa-free EU travel?

We will obtain a long-term residence permit for you and your whole family. 

Invest in your family's secure future

What you get

The 2024 Hungarian Golden Visa Program is one of the most attractive in the world. Find out what advantages it offers you and your family.


Permanent residency in Europe


Free movement within EU (Schengen area)


Approval typically within 8 weeks


10 +10 years validity period


No minimum stay requirement


No automatic tax liability in Hungary


Applies to the whole family


Access to prime real estate investment in the European Union


No wealth, inheritance and real estate taxes


Right to found companies and to work


Possibility to keep bank accounts

What we do for you

We support you in finding the best solution

Our experienced client advisors will take the time to carefully assess your personal requirements and assist you in selecting the most suitable solution that meets your individual needs and preferences. This initial consultation is provided free of charge.

Assessment of your chances of success

Before a client agreement is signed our compliance team will carry out a preliminary review for you. Upon completion of this check, we will accept you as a client and charge a fixed fee for our ongoing services.

We carry out the application process on your behalf

A dedicated account manager will guide you through the process of obtaining and compiling all the necessary documentation. We take over the hassle of official approval and reduce your personal participation to an absolute minimum.

You receive your residence permit

Once the relevant government authority has received all the documents, it will carry out its own due diligence checks and decisions. You will first receive an investor visa. You will then be invited to make your investment. Once the investment has been made, the government will issue your residence documents.

Support after obtaining your residence permit

Once you have obtained your residence permit, numerous new opportunities open up to you. We kindly support you in implementing these.

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